ELGRAN offers full range of engineering surveys for the construction industry, including:

Geological and Geotechnical surveys;

Topographical &Geodetical surveys;

Ecological surveys;

Hydrometeorological surveys;

ELGRAN is a member of “Engineering Surveys in Construction” (SRO “AIIS”) and holds a Certificate for specifying, executing and supervising engineering surveys, which are required for the safe design of capital constructions, including highly sensitive and technically complex structures.

Our specialists have experience in organizing and conducting engineering surveys on linear and areal sites. We work on projects of different categories of responsibility: from small privet cottages to large industrial facilities and main gas pipelines.

Technical reports based on the results of engineering surveys performed by ELGRAN successfully pass the State Expertise review.

ELGRAN´s projects are not limited by the territory of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad district. Our geologists and engineers have extensive experience in engineering surveys throughout the territory of Russian Federation and participating in large international projects.

Our specialists will be glad to answer any of your questions, provide you with a reliable schedule and cost analysis, as well as with a commercial proposal.

We look forward to working with you!



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Welcome to the official english version of the ELGRAN web site!


Seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

Engineers of Elgran Ltd. participated in organising and carrying of the scientific and practical seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

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