Geological & Geotechnical survey

Geological and Geotechnical investigations are an integral part of the complex surveys for construction.


The complex geological engineering survey include:

 1.    Collecting and analysis of the archives and geological funds

Studying of the data stored in the regional archive databases and geological funds, along with the analysis of the construction experience, allow to perform initial assessment of the territory, determine the main geological hazards and to schedule the scope of works for the further stages of engineering investigations and construction.

In our company collecting and analysis of archival data is performed by the most experienced engineers.


2.    Geological and Geotechnical drilling

Our company carries out Geological and Geotechnical site works in the territories of any complexity. The site works include geological and geotechnical drilling with high quality rock, soil and water sampling.

Our geologists and engineers guarantee highly skilled detailed documentation of the boreholes in accordance with Russian and, if necessary, international standards.


3.    Geophysical surveys

Geophysical surveys are performed for estimation of the geological profile, ascertainment of the geological boundaries, identification of local heterogeneity, determine of the depth and direction of the groundwater filtration.


Our company offers:

  • estimation of the underground circulating currents;
  • determination of the AC initiated by the presence of the power lines;
  • qualitative and quantitative evaluation of different soil and rock parameters: rock fracturing, porosity, compressive strength etc.;
  • determination of the depth of occurrence of the bedrock depth;
  • dismemberment sedimentary geological profiles;
  • detection of the karst caverns, fracturing zones;
  • estimation of the groundwater level, direction and speed of filtration.


4.    “In situ” soil testing

“In situ” soil testing is aimed at determining of the properties of the soils in their natural structure and bedding.

Depending of the geological conditions and type of the construction, our company performs various field tests including shear tests in boreholes (BST) and massive,  cone penetration tests (CPT, PCPT), dynamic penetration and vane tests.

Our geologists and engineers have experience in analysis and interpretation of different tests, according to both Russian and international standards, including the CPT and PCPT interpretation.


5.    Rock, soil and water laboratory testing

ELGRAN works in cooperation with the leading Saint-Petersburg geotechnical laboratories. This guaranties high-quality testing of all types of natural and artificial soils (including organic, cohesive, disperse, cryotic soils and rocks).

The evaluation of the full range of physical and mechanical properties of soils and rocks is performed (laboratory shear, odometer and triaxial tests), determination of the chemical composition of soil and water and their corrosion properties.


6.    Post-processing of geological and geotechnical data and preparation of the Technical Report

Our geologists and engineers perform complex data analysis and give recommendations for choosing of the type foundation and its construction.


At customer’s request can be performed:

  • Soil testing according to nonstandard schemes;
  • Calculation of the pile bearing capacity;
  • Foundation settlement calculation;
  • 3D modeling of soil-structure interaction.


As a result of the Geological and Geotechnical survey you will be provided with a Technical Report on the Engineering-Geological conditions of the territory with a positive State Expertise review.



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