Topographical & Geodetical survey

The main purpose of surveying is obtaining of the necessary and sufficient data for the construction project documentation and elaboration of the recommendations for technically and economically feasible design solutions.

Our company performs the following works:

• Collecting and processing of materials of the previous topographic studies;

• Site works:  compilation surveys, land measuring of the required scale, survey of underground utilities;

• Analysis of the site data;

• Construction of topographic plans, including the plans on the basis of the satellite images, laser scanning data, aerial photography;

• Preparation of the final technical report.

All the measuring work is carried out with the help of modern electronic tachometers, levels and GPS-equipment, providing the lowest possible tolerances and errors.

Final results of the surveys are presented in graphic forms, such as accurate maps, plans or 3D models, constructed on the basis of the high quality data using modern software.

Engineering and geodetic surveys in combination with other types of survey work is determined not only the possibility of the facility on this particular stretch of terrain, but also the economic viability of this construction.



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Seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

Engineers of Elgran Ltd. participated in organising and carrying of the scientific and practical seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

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