Geoscience surveys for housing

Cost savings on engineering surveys may cause damages of the structures during the construction and operating periods.

Without high quality engineering surveys it is impossible to predict how the structure will be interacting with the surrounding environment. Weak soils, quicksands, high level of ground waters, various geological hazards – is only a little part of the reasons why construction of your cottage, garage, bathhouse or any other privet building should always start with engineering surveys.

Only qualitative performance of engineering surveys gives an opportunity to select the optimal type and depth of foundation. And a correctly constructed foundation helps to avoid such costly and difficult to rectify the situations, as uneven settlements different parts of the building, cracking, impounding of basements.

Competent topographical surveys are aimed at obtaining the data required for the identification of different geomorphological elements and optimal planning of the territory.

Geological and Geotechnical surveys can assess the soil conditions of your territory. On the basis of the surveys professional estimation of the engineering-geological conditions of your territory the can be performed. High quality Geological and Geotechnical surveys help to save your money and time during the construction period.

Due to the rapid development of the private construction in recent years and growing high demand on the engineering surveys, we tried to make our services as accessible, efficient and transparent as possible.

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Seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

Engineers of Elgran Ltd. participated in organising and carrying of the scientific and practical seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

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