Chief Geologist

Chief Geologist

Babkina Anastasia 

Master of Geology.

Graduate of the Department of Soil Studies and Engineering Geology of the Geological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

Had her practical training in the Geotechnical Laboratory in Leningrad Trust of Engineering-Construction Surveys. During her Bachelor and Master’s internships participated in desk studies and site works for various projects for the Oil and Gas industry.

Has an experience in collecting, processing and interpreting of geological and geotechnical data, as well as in preparing technical reports according to both, Russian and international standards.


Specializes on the engineering-geological surveys in difficult geological and harsh climatic conditions.

Has experience in organizing and performing of desk studies and site geological and geotechnical works for all stages of construction design.

Since 2008 is an employee of the Department of Soil Studies and Engineering Geology of the Saint Petersburg State University, since 2010 on the position of the Senior Teacher. Author of several technical and scientific articles. Has participated in national and international conferences (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk).

Scientific interests: engineering-geological conditions of the glacial shelves and applying of CPT for the geological and geotechnical purposes.


Participated in onshore and offshore engineering-geological and geotechnical surveys for the following projects: 

  • System of the Gas Pipelines Bovanenkovo-Uhta;
  • Baltic gas pipeline system;
  • Nord Stream, II line
  • Main Gas Pipeline Altai;
  • Development of the Shtokman gas condensate field. Phase 2,3 – onshore;
  • Port transportation and processing facility in the Bay Teriberkskaya;
  • Offshore works for the gas pipeline in the Barents sea within the Shtokman project.


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Engineers of Elgran Ltd. participated in organising and carrying of the scientific and practical seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

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