Chief Hydrogeologist

Chief Hydrogeologist

Kozlova Eleonora 

Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy.

Graduate of the Department of Hydrogeology of the Leningrad State University.

Author of over a hundred of scientific publications.

Her main work involves the study of chemical water types and processes of their formation in the artesian basins and hydrogeological massifs (Moldova, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan), hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry of urbanized areas and protection of groundwater against pollution.

She worked as a senior research fellow at the Institute of Earth's Crust (St. Petersburg State University). Repeatedly participated in the international (Irkutsk, Alma-Ata, Tbilisi, Chisinau, Kiev, etc.) conferences and meetings.

Has a vast experience in organizing and conducting site and laboratory hydrogeological and environmental works.



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