Chief Specialist

Chief Specialist

Pichugov Vladimir

Graduated from Leningrad State University in 1980. Majored in Geology and Geophysics.

Worked in the Neva Expedition on the detection of the radioactive anomalies with the gravimetric, magnetometric, radiometric and spectrometry methods. As a member of Institution of the Earth Crust participated in the contouring of the gold placers on the line Egvikinot-Iultin (Chukotka) using the method of dipole electromagnetic profiling.

Participated in aero-electromagnetic prospecting for the Oil and Gas Deposits research on the territory of the Komi republic of the Production Geological Association “Sevzapgeologiya”.

The Scientific-Industrial Assosiation "Rudgeofizika" participated in the geophysical works for the location of the diamondiferous volcanic pipes in the Eastern Sebiria.

Since 1987, he worked in the Production - Consulting institute for Design and Construction of the Pulp and Paper Industry (GIPROBUM). Starting as the senior geologist he went all the way to the Head of the Site Department of the Integrated Survey Expedition. Under his leadership successful engineering surveys were performed for such projects as: industrial facilities on the territory of the Svetogorskiy Pulp and Paper Plant, port facilities in the Kondopoga PPP.

Completed professional development training in Saint-Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers and Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Construction.



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Engineers of Elgran Ltd. participated in organising and carrying of the scientific and practical seminar "Technology and interpretation of CPT"

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